Me ... in a magazine. Check it out.

I was excited to be featured in the spring issue of Proven Winners free online magazine Proven Beauty.

Click on the photo to see the online magazine Proven Beauty

If you want to know a little more about me and see a couple of my picks for my garden must-haves, check out the magazine here  or click on the photo above (I'm on page 12-13).

Make sure you sign up for a subscription so you don't miss an issue of this free magazine.

On the list for this summer: get a few photos of me actually in the garden!


  1. Wow - congratulations!! I didn't realize I was blogging friends with a gardening star!!

    Great tips in the article by the way - I am a huge fan of my new hori hori knife too! And love your idea about having the phone for quick internet checks in the garden. It makes so much sense.

    Always been a star in my eyes, my friend.

  2. Woo, look at that pretty lady!

    I just want you to know that I am deliriously tired, I had decided I was not leaving any comments tonight, but I just had to leave this comment to say congratulations! And that I totally agree with your planting in drift philosophy.

  3. What fun! And now that I know you live in Belgium, maybe we can meet when Mark and I go up to Door Co. in August for an art class. Not sure at this point what route we might take but a stop at your garden might work.


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