Holy magnolia!

There is a chance that perhaps I may have underestimated exactly what 40 magnolia stems looks like.

Magnolia leaves -- The Impatient Gardener
Stuffed to the gills in the basement until I can decorate with them. And yes, Mr. Much More Patient is still running around in shorts. And yes, that's a sneak peek of a thrift store find in progress in the background. 

First I tried putting them in a large vase to keep them hydrated until I can use them. Then I switched to a five-gallon bucket, and then I added in a huge Rubbermaid box.

Better start getting creative with them!


  1. I love decorating with magnolia! They just don't stay that fresh down here with the heat. >:|

  2. I remember ordering 10 dozen roses for a wedding cake years ago - I had roses coming out of my ying yang. Can't wait to see what you do with all those magnolia leaves. One of my favorites with their brown and green leaves.


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