Step away from the chair

I happened to be driving past the local thrift store this weekend and just popped in for a quick run through to make sure I didn't need anything (ha, need, that's funny). Things were pretty well picked over, which seems to be the usual state of things at this particular store as I understand the employees usually grab the best stuff.

I did, however, walk past a pair of the cutest little chairs covered in a peach velour. I love velour. It is a creepy fascination, but I'm positive it goes back to my childhood. My dad had a rust-colored velour shirt (this was the '70s, after all) and I would sit on his lap and rub my face against his shirt. So now I love velour.

Anyway, I sat in one of the chairs and it was remarkably comfortable. The cushion could use a little firming up, but otherwise it was great. And then I pulled up the skirt and saw the cutest fluted legs. And I loved the three-button tufts on the back.

And the best part? They were $6 each. Are you kidding me?

Especially with my newfound love of upholstering, I thought this would be the perfect first fully upholstered chair to take on.

Except there is no possible place in my house for these to live. And I already have an upholstery project in waiting in the basement. And I always fall in with expensive fabric, so even though they only cost $12 for both of them, I could easily see this being a $400 project. And I'm not running a furniture store.

So they had to stay. Even writing about them makes me want to run back there and see if they are still there but I must resist.

Step away from the chair, Erin. Step away.


  1. My title at my company is Chief Chair Hoarder. I buy old chairs, fix them up, and rent them out at Chairs with Character. I also have to tell myself to step away from the chair when I'm thrift shopping.

    I hope to see some of your upholstering projects on here!

  2. Okay so now you're heading into unknown territory for me - upholstering. Always a skill that I've wanted to learn, but haven't ever figured out properly. Maybe I could learn vicariously through you.

    As for the peach velour - wouldn't they lose their appeal once you reupolstered them? Would you keep the old velour fabric just so you could feel 7 again?

  3. OMG, I so would have bought these--especially for only $6 each!


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