A good day in the blogosphere

Wednesday was a great day in the blogosphere for me.

First, I was surprised, honored and a little touched to receive this great award from Rayan over at The Frugal Designer. Rayan is an overachieving blogger. Seriously, I think she's averaging about three posts a day over there. And she's not phonin' it in, either. She has an AWESOME Finishing School series (perhaps you've seen some of it at the fabulous Knock-off Wood blog). She has several tutorials that are must-reads before you tackle your first furniture finishing project.

And as if that didn't already make my day, I found out that I actually won a blog giveaway. Seriously ... are you kidding me? The last thing I think I won was in fourth grade when I was closest in the school with my guess of how many candy corn were in a giant jug. My prize was the giant jug of candy corn. My mother was thrilled.

Anyway, check out this awesome prize I won at Remodelaholic: a custom architectural portrait! These are so cool and I'm beyond excited about it. I'll definitely share the results.

The bad news is that since I was so lucky today, my odds of winning the Powerball drawing tonight probably went down.

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