The lazy gardener's guide to seed selection

A   lot of gardeners have been blogging about ordering their seeds lately. Some of them take a strategic approach to the whole thing. Margaret at A Way to Garden orders from about a half-dozen companies. Carol at May Dreams Gardens ordered so many seeds she couldn't keep track of them. I'm sure both of these women, and many other gardeners, put a lot of effort into researching the varieties they will plant this year.

I wish I could say the same, but the fact of the matter is that I usually try to place my small seed order in one shot, with one company. I quickly read through the descriptions of the varieties, sometimes Googling them, and make my decision. I do not pore over catalogs for months before deciding. In fact, I figured out my whole seed order during my lunch hour Friday. And I still had time to eat my spinach cheese pie.

In addition to the onions, which I've already told you about, I'll plant the following things from seed (ordered from Territorial Seed) this year:

Boro Beets (a really dark red beet that's supposed to be good for roasting, which is the only way I like them)

Cannellini Lingot Beans (I've recently become enamored with Cannellini beans)

Mcpick cucumbers (a pickling cuke, but I love them fresh on salads)

Nickel Bean (a French green been)

Red Beard Onion (these are green onions or scallions)

 Super Gourmet Blend Lettuce (this is a blend of Slobolt, Buttercrunch, Red Sails, Salad Bowl, and Valmaine)

Super Sugar Snap Peas

In addition to these, I'll grow lots of tomatoes, herbs and zucchini from plants. I think I will skip the peppers and the carrots as I found them to take up too much space in my small garden for their yield.

I might still pick up a seed package here or there if I think if something I'd like to add or I realize that one of the varieties I purchased really isn't going to perform during my short growing season.

One more gardening chore checked off the list. Now we wait for the snow to melt.


  1. I want some of those pink-tipped onions chopped up on my green beans, please! Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on my red room post. Later this week, I plan to post a few detail shots.


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