A big departure

A  llow me to indulge myself just a bit (as though this whole blog isn't an indulgence). I love the television show "Lost" and particularly the character Hurley, played by Jorge Garcia. (Well I really love Sawyer, but that's something else entirely).

Anyway, Jorge (the actor) has a blog that's pretty funny and this week his cute girlfriend found a rat in their house. He's been playing home movies about it all week and they are definitely giggle-worthy. So, just in case you're also a Lostie (or you like to watch funny home movies) I thought I'd link you up!

The Rat Part 1
The Rat Part 2
The Rat Part 3
The Rat Part 4
The Rat Part 5
It's a rat, not a mouse

And just so you know I haven't gotten completely off topic, a little holiday decorating is coming your way tonight or tomorrow!

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  1. ICK! It's a rat! I can't wait to see the decorations, my talented friend!


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