I have seasonal Attention Deficit Disorder

This post is not about gardening. It's about almost everything else. Mostly it's just me fessing up to my weaknesses.

I, apparently, am a very predictable and cyclical person. Every year, right after the Christmas decorations go away, I start thinking about gardening (oh wait, I said that this wasn't going to be about gardening). It starts with catalogs. Then I start filling up the DVR with every garden show I can possibly find. This continues more or less through June, by which time I'm mentally and physically exhausted.

Then the sailing season starts. It's not really possible to fill up one's DVR with sailing shows (um, there aren't any) but I pretty much spend every free moment sailing or doing water work with the dogs.

Then suddenly (and this year it was VERY sudden), one day it freezes and your whole garden is brown. Other than the fall cleanup, gardening is all over, and sailing isn't much fun after October.

And that can only mean one thing: the home renovation madness begins. I have always had grand plans of renovating our house. We adore it, but it leaves a few things to be desired. This year we are very close to actually doing a fairly major house renovation project (and a few smaller ones), so I really have the bug. In fact I'm so obsessed with it that I'm already sick of it. It's unhealthy I tell you.

Anyway, if any of that house renovation stuff actually happens I'll either mention it here or start a small house reno blog, so you'll know about it if you want to, but in the meantime I've found some great home design blogs.

Here's the latest one I found, called The Lettered Cottage. Unbelievably cute stuff.

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