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Well that's just peachy


One of my favorite parts of being part of Proven Winners testing program is that I have the opportunity to grow plants I might not otherwise pick up. I’ll admit that when I pulled Superbena ‘Royale Peachy Keen’ out of the box I had flashbacks to my teenage bedroom, decorated in the latest hot colors of peach and forest green and, well, maybe I wasn’t really feeling it.
Well surprise, surprise. Guess what is quickly pulling to the forefront of my favorites of all the 2012 Proven Winners plants I’m currently growing? Yep, Peachy Keen.
Even though we’ve been through all sorts of weather this summer, from cold and rainy, to a 10-day stretch in the high 90s and even a few days over 100, Peachy Keen is still growing strong. But it’s not just a tough cookie, it’s also darn good looking and rather eye-catching from a distance.
‘Royale Peachy Keen’ is planted with ‘Purple Ruffles’ basil, Superbells ‘Blackberry Punch,’ Papyrus ‘King Tut’ and creeping Jenny. On the right you can also see ‘Blue Mohawk’ grass which is growing in the adjacent pot.
The color on this picture is some kind of weird, but you can see that Peachy Keen jumps out.
Peachy Keen’s cousin Superbena ‘Royale Iced Cherry’ is almost neon. I love it. It’s growing in the window box with lots of other plants including Superbells ‘Sweet Tart,’ on the bottom.

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  1. Jennifer I can't believe they ate King Tut! Well, I can, because I know deer will eat anything without any rhyme or reason, but I can't fathom what part of Kind Tut would be at all appealing to them. I grew it last year and it definitely a favorite. I also put some in the garden and I like them in the ground too.

  2. I really love some of the new colors and varieties that are coming out. I planted some King Tut grass in my back patio planters and unfortunately, the deer have found it to be a tasty snack. 🙂 But I love the way it looks!

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