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Those are some big Incrediballs!


Last year my mom and I had a little to see who could grow more tomatoes at our shared community garden plot. I don’t remember who won. I’m not sure anybody did. Tomatoes were plentiful last year, unlike this year, so really we all won.

Suffice to say, our family is just a wee bit competitive. Anyone who can turn gardening into a competition obviously likes to win.

Plant toucher -- The Impatient Gardener
I sent this photo to my mom to brag about the size of my Incrediball hydrangea blooms. I also shared it on Instagram and Facebook so if you want to follow all my plant touching exploits, you can do that there.

So I guess I shouldn’t been surprised when I sent my mom a photo of my feeling up the largest of the Incrediball hydrangea blooms in my year and I got this reply.

Oh, game on, Mom. Game on.

So like any self-respecting overly competitive daughter I decided to take care of this “Mine’s bigger” discussion immediately. No need to let this sort of thing fester.

I measured the biggest Incrediball bloom I could find: 11.5 inches in diameter. For reference, a basketball has a diameter of 9.39 inches.

I figured there was no way my mom’s bloom could be bigger than that. In order to get photographic proof (I wasn’t just going to blindly trust her measuring), I ran out to her house. And there I saw an enormous Incrediball hydrangea with probably 20 larger-than-a-basketball-sized flowers. (This is the part where I point out that she bought her Incrediball hydrangea as a two-gallon plant at about the same time I bought my little pint-sized Incrediballs. So you know, pretty much she’s cheating smart.)

My mom’s Incrediball hydrangea.

I knew I was in trouble.

Sure enough. The biggest bloom I could find (and trust me it was hard figuring out which one was the biggest) was 12.5 inches in diameter.

I guess it’s clear who won. Perhaps this should be lesson to not get competitive about gardening. And certainly not with the person who taught you most of what you know about gardening. And DEFINITELY not when that person is your mom.
And yeah, I felt it up a little before I left. Sorry, Mom.

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  1. Hahahaha! Y'all are a hoot.

    I am not entirely sure what happened to my Endless Summer this year. It bloomed small blooms and then grew some really tall and wide leaves and stopped blooming. ???

    1. Hmmm, that's odd Katie. And you've had good luck with that before haven't you? Mine has never really been that happy because I have it in a bad spot. I think I'd give yours a little pruning and a bit of fertilizer and cross your fingers that next year is better.

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