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The reason why I don’t go crazy in autumn


Let me be clear: I’m not one of those people who loves autumn. Sure, I can appreciate a beautiful autumn day when you can take a walk through the woods, admiring the sun coming through the colorful leaves and your feet shuffling through them on the ground. But those days, especially this year, are rare. And just when I’m ready to about throw in the towel and move to Florida, I come home and see this, and I remember why I put up with all this crazy weather.

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  1. Deborah,
    I think you've hit on the crux of my issue with autumn … it's the season that inevitably comes after it. If I could have a year that was 80% summer and then equal parts of spring, autumn and winter, I'd probably be OK with it. But then again, would I appreciate all those spring bulbs as much if I hadn't endured another winter? Probably not.

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