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I’m leaving my garden.

Not permanently; perish the thought as I actually had a nightmare to this effect a few weeks ago. Nope, I’m just going out of town for little bit. But it’s difficult to leave at this time of year. The garden is looking good. And between the heat of summer and the plentiful rain we’ve been getting things will be growing. Things, you’ll note, will include both plants and weeds and the odds are good that both will be conspiring to create a jungle while I’m gone.

I have people looking in on the garden while I’m away, but I only ask them to do the bare necessities: watering and (hopefully) deer repellent.

It will be interesting to see what it looks like when I’m back. Here are  few quick shots of what it looked like the night before I left.

The gravel is in the circle garden path and it’s looking good!

I ran around and did some last-minute weeding, particularly trying to grab the jewelweed before it flowers. 

I’m thrilled with the window box so far this year.

And below the window box, the skinny annual border is plenty bright.

‘Etoile violette’ clematis looking as charming as ever.

The first ‘Windermere’ roses in the driveway containers started blooming. They are smaller than I expected but I’m thinking that’s related to the immaturity of the plant. 

Quite happy with how these containers are filling in as well.

I’ll post as I’m able, but I never know what the internet/time situation will be. Do follow me on Instagram and on the Facebook page, where I’m more likely to be popping up a picture or two.

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  1. That gray pot planting is gorgeous! And your annual border is stunning! I love the color echo of the lime nicotiana and the sedum. Which by the way, is that sedum an annual or a perennial? I planted something that looks like it in a pot and now I can't remember what it was and if I should plant it in the ground before fall if it is perennial. Since I saw your awesome IG video sailing under the Mackinac bridge, am hoping we will see pictures of Jack Barnwell's plantings on the island again. They are always so inspiring. Looks like you are having fun!

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