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June Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day (a day late)


June 15 snuck right up on me and I completely missed Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. So here’s my contribution, a day late and a dollar short.

We’ve had a very cool spring and the garden is not happy about it. There are very few blooms to share.

Variegated iris

Guernsey Cream clematis is just starting to open up and is loaded with buds. LOVE this clematis.

This might be allium Gladiator

The Lady’s Mantle is thinking about unleashing it’s chartreuse flowers. If the wave petunias take off this should be a pretty combo.

The spring-blooming anemone have just the sweetest little flowers.

9 Responses

  1. Love the Guernsey Cream clematis. Glad to see it grows in Wisconsin as I live in western Wisconsin. Now it's just a matter of finding that clematis!

  2. I haven't noticed the scent! I'll have to sniff it tonight.

    Guernsey Cream is one of those clematises I didn't think I'd go bonkers over. Normally I like really bold-colored clems, but I bought two Guernsey Creams to flank a purple Etoile Violette on a fence I have screening the propane tank. I ADORE this clem. It has just little bit of lime green to it when it first opens and almost see-through petals. As the blooms mature they become more cream colored and the stripe down the middle becomes more yellow. It also takes a fair bit of shade. And I cannot believe how well it's blooming this year.

    Can you tell I'm just a little excited about it?

  3. Hey, don't feel bad. I regularly either forget about GBBD entirely or get it posted a day late.

    Your place is looking fine, even if you think it is suffering from a chilly spring.

  4. I'm with Jo on that anemone. Mine isn't nearly as prolific as yours. But i can see that you are behind us in the season as Guernsey Cream has come and gone in my garden.

  5. Hi Jo!
    I think I've had those anemone almost since the first year of that garden, so probably five or six years now. It's prolific here, and I've moved it around to different beds and shared with a lot of friends. I remember the description of it said something to the effect of, "far too pretty to be considered invasive" and that's how I feel about it.

    The impatience continues! Right now I'm getting rather impatient to see my tomatoes do … well, anything. Their poor growth has been stunted by the unseasonably cool temps.

  6. Good morning Erin,

    That Spring anemone alone is worth the visit.
    What a gorgeous clump. If you only knew how hard I have tried to get just a few of those to come up. No luck. How long have these been with you?

    And seeing so many flowers and leaves without holes or frayed edges is a treat as well. Sigh.
    Lady's Mantle I can grow. Too, far too much, so I have to cut the flowers off before they reseed and take over.
    Getting any less impatient yet 🙂

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