It feels like it has been a long time since there's been a Friday Finds post here. I can't even tell you how busy this month has been and amazingly I feel like I'm already behind on gardening. There are seeds and dahlia tubers to be ordered and I've not done anything about formulating a plan yet!

But there will be time for that soon (and if not, I'll make time). For now, let's check out some of the goodies the Internet has been dishing up lately.

Margaret Roach's podcast of Q&As with Ken Druse is great. I love the question about decyphering degrees of shade. I wonder if in our quest to simplify plant labels we haven't gone too far.
Flower Patch Farmhouse photo
I mentioned that I haven't ordered seeds yet but back in fall I ordered eight David Austin roses. Eight.  You may recall it was just a few years ago that I swore off roses. I'm a sucker. But there's an excellent rose care article over at Flower Patch Farmhouse that I'll be hanging on to.

One of the things I'm hoping to do in 2017 is increase the number of garden conferences and events I attend. Here's a great roundup of several excellent ones to consider.

Did you catch my predictions for gardening trends for the coming year? Tell it to me straight: Do you think I'm on the right track?

And lastly, I just wanted to take a moment to toot my own horn a tad. I was thrilled to find out last week that I was named to two great blog lists.

I was named to Lawnstarter's Top 50 Garden Bloggers list (aka the Golden Trowel awards).

And I was also named to Toolversed's Top 10 Gardening Bloggers list.

In both cases I'm delighted to be in the company of some of my favorite bloggers. Check out their blogs at the links above.

There's lots on the agenda for this weekend. More work on the basement, a Green Bay Packers game, maybe some quality time with plant catalogs and a bit of birthday celebrating (such as it is when you get to be my age). What are you plans?


  1. Congratulations on the recognition for the blog! I feel a bit guilty (but you should take this as a compliment!), yours is the only gardening blog I read! I came for the house stuff but stayed because of the gardening. I should go out looking for more gardening blogs because as I get older, I love the hobby more and more, but I've always spent most of my time on home and design blogs. Anyway, that was a long winded way of saying good job and keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing about your garden plans and Happy Birthday!!

    1. I take that as a huge compliment! I'm so happy you stuck around, Maggie. Thanks!

  2. Congrats! Check out the day long symposium put on by Allen Centennial Garden in Madison. You can get tickets online. Members buy first, then the public. You could stay over at my house the night before. It's in April.

    1. What a nice offer! I'm going to check out that symposium now.


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