How to binge-watch Sarah Richardson shows in the U.S. + new paint colors to love

It has been completely cruddy here this week. So much so that I haven't really had the will to go outside and cut flowers for The Garden Appreciation Society, so that will wait for another week. How long do you think we can keep this thing going? It's getting difficult to be creative with fading flowers.

Anyway, I leave you today, with my tip for the day. You probably know that I am a Sarah Richardson addict. I pretty much love everything she does. OK, not everything (I'm still a little flabbergasted by the lavender living room in Sarah's House 4) but damn near everything. She is my win-the-lottery interior designer.

Have you noticed that there are some great Canadian blogs out there? Well, there are. And now I know why a lot of them seem to be a cut above some blogs from the States. Canadians can watch Sarah Richardson whenever they want. There are episodes of almost all her shows on the Canadian HGTV website And if you are in the United States and you go to that website, you will get a message saying that the content is not available in your area. I mean, really, the nerve.

But alas I have found away around that pesky message. It is an application for your computer called Hola Unblocker. Basically, you install it and, in Google Chrome at least, a little icon shows up in your tool bar. When you go to a site that is blocked, you just go up to that icon and select a different country for your IP address to flow through. It seems to know the best one, so it will likely pick Canada for you, but if not you just pick Canada. The Hola icon will change to the country flag you have selected and
voila! You have Sarah Richardson on your computer.

The quality of the video is lacking a little bit, but who am I to get picky. I've been doing marathon sessions of all things Sarah. One of the best things I've found was a Design Inc. episode when they redid the Design Inc. offices. So fun.

So there's my tip for you. Enjoy a bit of binge watching this weekend!

Oh, and one more tip. Benjamin Moore has a new color collection out called the Williamsburg color collection. I heard that name and immediately thought, oh, that's not for me. I think of Williamsburg and my first thought is a dusty blue found on scratchy couches. But this is thoroughly modern group of colors and there are so many good ones in there. I'm not sure how it's possible that there can be more paint colors invented, but who am I to care when these are so good.

I'm actually already painting something in Cornwallis Red, which is a super orangey red (or reddish-orange, I'm not sure which) that I'm way into right now. I am loving this color. It's a little side table for the living room. You can see it with one coat on in this photo (with the bright orange chairs from the other day).

I'm also loving Galt Blue, which I think is similar but lighter than the ever popular Wythe Blue. I'm actually considering this for the walls in the back room because the test of Wythe Blue seemed very dark.

And check out Parrot Green. I love it because it's not too bright but still fresh without going too avocado.

There are also a whole bunch of great grays. I know, just what we all needed: more grays to further complicate our search for the perfect gray. This one, called Bruton White (why can't we call grays gray instead of blue, white or black?) is a really pretty looking light gray.

So there's one more thing to check out this weekend.


  1. Okay, you've hit on two of my favourite things here - Sarah and BM. But you've also hit on one of my least favourite things on the internet and that is blocking shows. Here in Canada, we are exposed to so many different things that we don't have access to. Many of the shows I want to watch on HGTV are unavailable here in Canada. Now you've shown my a way to see them all!!

    As for Sarah's newest show "Real *otential" (sorry keyboard issues). I'm not liking it too much. It's just a real estate show where she renovates on room - the same thing as a lot of the other realty shows out there. But it still does have the Sarah esthetic, so I'm watching it for her wonderful ideas. That girl is not afraid of colour!

    1. I feel the same way about Real Potential. I'm just sort of over the house hunting show model and Real Potential feels like its 80% house hunting and only 20% Sarah Richardson goodness. I absolutely love her design process and I have to say it has helped me so much, but we don't get to see much of what goes into it. Her ability to envision new spaces never ceases to amaze me though. Since I've been watching everything I can find of hers now, I'm really enjoying the old Design Inc. shows which, more than anything, really explain the process.

  2. I appreciate the frustration. Teasing us with Sarah's shows then not playing them anymore....whaaaaaaa! I know this is an older post but I wanted to add an updated comment. The program you suggest is in big trouble and dangerous. There are several other safer, faster options now that should be reflected in this post since Hola is in hot water, and a simple google search explains why it's dangerous to use that program. Here is a link to the top 10 rated programs that will hook us up with our beloved Sarah Richardson lol. this was polled for 2016 and I had great success using this sites information �� Thanks for this post and helping me get on the right path to watching her full episodes!

  3. I am a serial binge-watcher and only a person who's addicted to watching shows online can understand what it feels like to not being able to watch HGTV because of restriction issues outside Canada. Besides, I have seen a more refined list here: and found it equally benefits for people like me who just can't live without HGTV. Nonetheless, a great read and a helpful article in every way.


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