Please enjoy some plant touching during this delay

Hi everyone.

I'm late with this week's Garden Appreciation Society post because I got home late last night and didn't have time to make a bouquet. Look for that tomorrow and do not miss the links from last week which were fantastic! You all are amazing.

To tide you over, I bring you another installment of the possibly creepy plant touching. It seems that my habit is catchy. This is my sister-in-law fondling the amazing French lilacs she grew (and my mom is reaching in for a little grab too). I don't know the exact cultivar, but whatever it is, I need it. I have never seen flowers on lilacs so big in my life. Definitely fondle-worthy.


  1. My landscaper did that at my house last week- touched my vines and my flowers, I was like, dude!

  2. I was out touching my peonies yesterday - fondling their gentle beauty. So you're not the only one. And you're right about that lilac - what cultivar? The flowers are huge!


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