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I've been spending the past couple of weekends plugging away at the office project and I thought it was time to offer a bit of an update. Progress has been frustratingly slow because everything has to be cleaned up and able to be worked in during the day. So I found myself retaping frequently and spending much more time cleaning up after each workday or weekend. 

So far I've finished painting the window and trim Benjamin Moore Cloud White. I've also finished painting the frames on the top cabinets. I'm splitting the cabinet project into phases because I only have enough room in my basement to be painting one set of doors/drawers at a time. So right now I have all the doors for the top row of cabinets at home in various phases of painting (it is taking forever to finish them because of the drying time for the primer and paint and I don't want to flip them over until they are dry because I don't want to take the chance of messing up the paint job). I've also painted the back wall BM Hudson Bay, which will eventually cover all the walls. I am waiting to paint the other walls until I've painted the lower cabinets and removed the existing counter.
White window trim! 
The window before
 It's a good thing I sit with my back to this disaster!

 I did just the back wall because it was quite the process to move those file cabinets and I only wanted to move them once, so I pounded out the trim and the wall this weekend (painted wet edge to wet edge of two contrasting colors was quite the trick and I don't recommend it) so I could move the file cabinets back Monday morning. Of course, I've since found out that we didn't need the files in three of the cabinets and they've been shredded, which means I can move two of the file cabinets out of the office for good and I'll have one empty one for future use.

Here's the color on the back wall. It actually looks remarkably like the computer design our graphic artist did to get a sneak peak of what it might look like.

So here's the worklist for the office:

  • Paint window 
  • Paint trim 
  • Paint upper cabinet frames
  • Paint upper cabinet doors (in process)
  • Paint lower cabinet frames and doors/drawers
  • Disconnect sink
  • Remove counter
  • Paint the rest of the walls
  • Make fabric covered bulletin board "backsplash"
  • Paint desk base
  • Replace counter and desk top
  • Gussy up the file cabinets
  • Replace window blinds (this is new to the list; I've decided I need to get something that fits inside the window)
  • Buy area rug
Lots to do and hopefully there will be a trip to Ikea in the plans for this weekend to pick up the counter and table top.

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  1. I'm sure it's frustrating how slow your office project is going, but I know you know how worth it it will all be in the end. Good luck getting across the finish line! It's really getting there!


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