Happy Halloween

I'm not a huge Halloween fanatic. In fact this year I didn't even buy a gourd or two to stick on the front porch, much less carve a pumpkin or do any other fall-themed decorating. And since I don't have kids, I don't do any other kind of spooky decorating.

But if I were to get on the Halloween bandwagon, this kind of display is exactly what I'd want.

Redbor kale and white pumpkin container design and photograph by Deborah Silver

That stunning container is by my favorite container designer, Deborah Silver.  The kale is redbor kale which is absolutely stunning in its own right (and definitely on my "must find" list for next year), but the combination of it with the white pumpkins is, well, absolutely perfect.

Check out Deborah's other ideas on fall color here.

I hope you're all enjoying your Halloween. What kind of outdoor decorating did you do for the holiday?


  1. Stunning! I am going to have to remember that for next year. I bought two tiny pumpkins for the dinner table but that was it. Our street is quite dark and no sidewalks so we rarely get kids on Halloween.

  2. Linda, let me know if you find redbor kale anywhere in WI!


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