Leaving our mark

You might remember that we found this awesome little note on a rafter when we started the demo (way back in September, which now seems like ancient history).

It was so cool finding this on one of the first days of demolition.

We saved it, of course, although I haven't decided what to do with it yet. However, we loved finding it so much that we figured sometime in the future someone else might want to find a little note from us. So we set up the big ladder (the construction guys leave all their ladders here and it's so nice always having a ladder around when you need one), and climbed up to the big ridge beam where we left a note of our own. Our very own time capsule, I guess you'd say.

Our own note to the future owners.

To commemorate the moment we took a really awful photo of ourselves and tried to get the beam in the background. It didn't work. And we look like aliens.

So instead you get a picture of Mr. Much-More-Patient scaling the ladder.

With all the overspray from the primer on the plastic up at the ceiling it sort looks like Mr. Much-More-Patient climbed up to a cloud.


  1. We wrote quotes about books behind our new bookcases and one with remodeling dates and our names under the new carpet. I love the idea of the surprise that folks will get someday in the future.


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