Construction update No. 3: Cool!

Yesterday I was feeling a little bit like I had betrayed our old home. Like somehow I was telling it it's not good enough for us. I actually felt a little guilty. I realize this is crazy but I adore this house and want desperately to do right by it.

Today, I almost feel like our house said, "It's OK. Go for it." Either that or it was saying, "You jerk ... look at this history you're destroying." Let's go with the first one so I can sleep tonight.

They removed all the insulation and drywall so we're down to studs. On an angled part of the ceiling, this is what we found (I rotated it so you can see it better):


Of course we're keeping that. We have to. In fact I was ready to grab one of the Sawzalls they left and go to work and the husband told me I wasn't allowed to, but I will have the contractor save it for us. But now we need something creative to do with it. Any suggestions?


  1. WE are planning on writing something including our names and the date before the bookcases go in and also under the carpet in the room we are remodeling. Just so someone else someday will have the experience you just had.

    If you are not removing that wall etc. why not just photograph it and hang it somewhere in the house?

  2. That's awesome! My husband and I signed and dated the underlayment beneath the hardwood floor we installed in our bedroom. We figure future owners should know whom to curse if they go to pull all those nails out. Uncovering parts of your house's history is always fun.


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