Free blooms to brighten the day


Lauren over at Pure Style Home encouraged everyone to create a free bouquet to brighten up their homes and it occurred to me that I also needed to do some pruning and might be able to kill two birds with one stone.

I have several baby hydrangeas growing in pots in the Pit of Despair. After listening to Tim Woods of Spring Meadows Nursery advise that the first year or two (or three) of a hydrangea's life should be spent paying attention to its form rather than waiting for blooms, I thought it was time for another pruning session with the little guys. And wouldn't you know it? Invicibelle Spirit was putting some some mini pink blooms.

I brought them inside, and put them on the kitchen window sill, which is so much more charming since I added the window box this spring and the flowers outside are always just on the other side of the window.

Lauren's right: It does brighten everything up a little.

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  1. The bouquet is gorgeous, Erin! Nice that they're blooming "already".


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