If I still had my summers off I'd ....

Go to the beach all the time.

Hudson would be OK with that.

Walk the dogs every single day.

Hudson and Rita would be OK with that too.

Give my dogs a lot more baths than I do.

Have a garden that wasn't a hot mess.

Finish all the projects that have been lurking.

 See that big, bare wall in the kitchen? I have plans for it but they better get in line behind all the other projects.

Probably be even more obsessed with what the new bathroom will look like.

My bathroom inspiration ideabook on Houzz.

Not feel guilty about sailing as much as I do.

 That's me, sailing. Cindy Cady photo

Lunch with my friends who were smart enough to become teachers so they actually do have the summer off.

Have a really great, and not at all dermatologist-approved tan.
Flickr photo

Have a much cleaner closet.

Spend more time blogging.

Drink gin and tonics at 3 p.m. and the occasional bloody Mary at noon.

Flickr photo 

So what would you be doing this summer if your responsibilities disappeared?


  1. Those look like fun things to do....if only we could do whatever we wanted, wouldn't that be great! Hope you are having a fun summer. Hugs to Hudson and Rita!

  2. I have little responsibilities..., except for keeping the house in order and making dinner. For me it's more the question of what would I be doing if I wasn't blogging so much, haha!

  3. Lucky me....I am a teacher and actually do have summers off!!! I spend them gardening, riding my bike {training to ride in a century}, blogging and crafting!!
    I love being off in the summer:)


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