A wonderful Mother's Day idea

I made my first trip to a nursery for the year this past weekend. I've been chomping at the bit to go for awhile, but I've sort of been waiting to make it that much sweeter. One of my favorite nurseries had their spring open house during which all perennials are 25 percent off, so of course I had to go despite the crummy weather.

While I was there I noticed a whole group of kids with a few parents and several nursery staff around. The kids were making little Mother's Day containers. Best yet, the nursery puts them all in a greenhouse and feeds, waters and takes care of them for the next couple weeks before the kids come back to pick them up. I think they charge about $10 for the whole thing. Some of the containers were very pretty, but what I loved the most was that they were obviously done by the kids, and what mother wouldn't love something like that?

I would have snapped a few pictures, but I'm pretty sure I would have creeped more than a few people out if I stood there taking pictures of bunch of kids who I didn't know.


  1. That is a great idea. Gets kids interested in plants, is good marketing and is a much nicer present than most anything they might buy.


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