Getting nothing done

I usually spend Sunday nights writing a blog post or two based on things I've accomplished over the weekend. This is not one of them because I'm not sure I accomplished anything this weekend.

The weather's been cruddy, which is fine because we really did need the rain, I just wish it would come on Mondays and Tuesdays. Because of the rain I didn't get out into the garden at all. That's particularly bad because I have one huge part of the garden that I haven't even done winter clean up on yet, nor have I pruned the group 2 clematis. Guess I missed that, but oh well ... they'll be fine for this year.

The mini reno on the eat-in portion of the kitchen continues. Still working on the table, and today we worked on the lighting. Suffice to say that we have no lights in that part of the kitchen tonight. Looming over the entire project is the ceiling project, which is on next weekend's agenda. Unless I find an excuse to avoid it again. It's not so much the painting part, although that will stink royally, but the fact that I have to sand and wash it before I even get to the painting is what I'm really dreading. After that, painting the walls will be a cinch. I have an overwhelming desire to just get it done, though.

I'm realizing, too, that the art I have hanging on the wall in that part of the kitchen is not going to work. I'm debating buying a canvas and trying my hand at painting. Of course I'm no artist, so I'm thinking about blatantly borrowing being inspired by this painting I found on Houzz.

I'm behind on the veggie garden too. And I need to finish moving the compost pile.

Part of the reason it seems like very little is getting done is that we find ourselves in a sort of emergency car buying situation completely out of the blue. It's not something we were planning on having to worry about for a very long time and we've been caught off guard. So if you have a car you love in the small SUV category (big enough to haul around 275 pounds of dogs), let me know about it. And if you know the first thing about painting a piece of "art," please tell me how to do that too.


  1. When Remington came to live with us we bought a Town and Country van. Put the second seats down and a barrier to the front seat and a cover over the third seat and a large indoor outdoor rug over the carpet and the area is his. Works GREAT! Has his own climate control in the back and of course his TV! It really has worked great! Good luck finding a new vehicle! As far as the painting....get a canvas and colors you like and just let yourself are so creative!

  2. I know a minivan is a very logical solution, but I am having a really hard time coming to terms with a minivan! But at this point we're ruling nothing out, so I'll take a look.

  3. I have to put my two bits in for the Honda Pilot. Got it two years ago and never had a problem with it. Has a third row that folds into the floor (where it stays 99% of the time in my car). I can't stand having to take cars in for maintenance issues (shades of high school cars past) so having a dependable ride is really important to me. Check out Consumer Reports magazines' annual car buying issue. We always do when it's car buying time: they tell it like it is.

    Christine in Alaska

  4. WE'll be doing a reno project late this summer/or fall after we move all the furniture out of the room and hundreds of books and the Chinese cabinet that holds the TV etc. Ugh! And to do the lighting, they have to go through the ceiling of my clothes closet which means clothes on the bed under plastic for weeks. Followed by painting the ceilings etc. I feel your pain.

    Check out the wisteria catalog on line for some paintings to inspire you.


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