Ikea chair before, during and after

O K, so I'm missing the before and during pictures, but I do have an after. This is one of those really uncomfortable Ikea chairs that the whole world gets when you need a chair. After awhile it ends up in your basement where your cat takes up residence on it, making it so disgusting that you would be too embarrassed to give it away. So while it's on the porch waiting to be taking to its final resting space it gets a remarkable after.

So I give you this chair turned cat bed turned ....



  1. So funny! And yes, I had one of these chairs once too. It does look uncomfortable!

  2. How sweet, and it's just the right size! Heidi has one chair she's allowed in upstairs, but she also gets on the love seat in the basement when we are gone.

    You asked me what the yelloiw fluffy flower was on my hot/cold post. It's Centaurea macrocephala. The clump has gotten smaller over the years instead of spreading. I hope it comes back next year. I think I'll do a post on it, because it has a cool gold ball that the yellow "fluff" comes out of.

  3. This is hilarious! Especially because I've sat in that chair and have an appreciation for how small it is compared to how big that dog is! He does look comfy though...


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