It is done

The tragedy continues ....

So rather than delay this unpleasant task, I decided to just go for it tonight. The sooner we get rid of the bad stuff, the sooner the healing can begin, right?

So I gathered up my tools and I started pruning. Pruning really isn't the right work for it because that indicates some sort of reason to it. What I was doing was more like hacking. Lucile said, cut until I find green wood. I'm not sure I went far enough. But I went as far as I could today. My formerly beautiful Kamagata is now an awkward, misshapen wreck, but perhaps she will one day be some sort of exotic looking contorted maple. I'll worry about the aesthetics later, right now we're going life. Sort of like the plastic surgeon during a nose job gone bad ... save the patient and worry about the bad nose later.

This one was painful....

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