A flower I'm just crazy for

I was only gone for a couple days sailing, but it seemed like last week's hot weather really perked things up in the garden. Between that and the fresh mulch, things are looking good. It's always nice to come back to the garden after you've been away a little while to get a fresh perspective on what's happening.

Here's another flower I'm just loving. It's allium Schubertii. This is the first year I'm growing it, and since I'm pushing the zonal limits on it (5 or 6, depending on the source you consult) I know it may not come back next year. But it's so great that even grown as an annual it's worth it. This is not the best photo but I'm sure I'll be taking more.


  1. It is a very interesting flower. If it doesn't make it, maybe you could dig and store for the winter.

  2. It is totally unique. Looks like fireworks.

  3. Hi Erin, i dropped in to view the movies for lost and got lost on your blog. i Just love this flower to! WOW! Very neat!

  4. I harvest this after it is finished and dried. Makes for a great addition to a pot...natural, or sprayed a fun bright color. I have three hanging in my kitchen from the ceiling in the corner--bright red to match accents in the kitchen. Love onions, love this one in particular.


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