Critters in the garden

My husband is almost finished with the new vegetable garden. Today we put up most of the deer screening. We just need to put the door on. But after all that work, imagine my surprise when a whole new kind of critter ended up in the garden.
That's me wrangling Newfoundland #2 out of the bed. Honestly I have no idea what came over her. She came in to see me and when I told her to turn around she just jumped INTO the garden. Right on top of the lettuce I had just been noticing had germinated. Oh well. Better now than when the whole thing is full of growing goodies.

Guess you never know what the next critter to pose a problem in the garden is going to be.


  1. Taking "gardening with wildlife" to a whole new level. Hilarious. That's some dog!

  2. Thanks for checking out the blog, Margaret! Yes I would say that pulling Newfoundlands out of the garden is a somewhat unusual gardening challenge!


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