We live on 1.3 acres of paradise. Well, it seems like paradise for half the year. For another quarter of the year it's OK and for at least another quarter it's truly miserable. That's when I dream most about gardening. I'm gradually taking over every bit of our property and putting some kind of garden there. Even the woods, full of ostrich ferns that tower over my head, and birch, maple and beech trees, will someday have a few paths going through them with a charming bench to sit on until the mosquitos eat you alive.

I have six different garden "areas" at this time, but I'm always planning for more. The Main Garden is called that only because its the first one I created (after ripping out hundreds of ornamental grasses that were home to thousands of field mice) and it is right off the patio.

The Circle Garden was a weedy patch formerly used as a vegetable garden by some owners probably years before we arrived. I was, at the time, fascinated with parterre gardens (I'm such a casual person that it always amazes me when I strike up a fancy for something so formal and staid), but not interested in quite that much rigidity. Since it was divided into three sections, I grew tomatoes in one of them.

After a few years of bumper tomato crops, things started going sour. I wasn't rotating the tomatoes and diseases were starting to crop up. Plus I wanted to grow some more vegetables. That's when the raised veggie garden on the other side of our property (more sun) came about. I think this is the single best way to grow a small amount of vegetables for person use.

A couple years ago I decided I wanted a shade garden, and even more than that, I didn't want to look at some of the, um, "naturalized" areas that were encroaching into the lawn. I filled this garden almost entirely with baby plants purchased through the Yahoo Plant co-op I'm a part of so it's still immature but I see a lot of potential there. The shade garden also spilled over a little bit into a sunnier area where I stuck a lot of perennials that needed dividing. If I gave this area more attention it would be quite nice, I think.

There's also a garden on the west side of the house, and this is maybe the toughest place to garden on the property. The conditions are just too severe in either direction, but daylilies, some heuchera, campanula and a peony are doing OK over here. It's another area that could use some work.

And finally I have a small garden that once helped shield the view of the hideous propane tank. The tank is gone now so the garden looks a little out of place but some day I'll enlarge it to make it fit in better.

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