In the interest of keeping it real, I sometimes feel obligated to fess up to my shortcomings here. And today I will show you what happens when I'm not thrilled with how a container turned out. The poor thing gets forgotten about.

The container plantings I did at work this year were not great. The coleus grew too well and shaded out the begonias. The 'Yeti' nasturtiums went nuts and took over whatever the coleus missed.

I have a few excuses for this container looking so horrible, beyond the one I just gave you. I'm the only one who ever waters it, even though I never see it (I come and go through a different door). So when things get busy at work it gets forgotten about and this is what happens.

That's 100% neglect that you see there. We've not had even a nip of frost so cold has nothing to do with it. Nope, this poor container, which is completely under a roof and gets no rain, was just left to die. And it's my fault. I'm sorry, little container.

I did give it some water today. We'll see if it perks up. If not, it's time to end the suffering. It's the least I can do to atone for my sins.


  1. Sounds like this container's new best friends should be succulents. They might make a good show for next summer.

  2. Yes, drought-resistant plants next year (or an automatic watering system -- they make pots with a reservoir). Or maybe just nasturtiums, they seem to be thriving and I often like just one single kind of plant in a pot. No fuss, no muss. Best, -Beth

  3. You're going to have to change the name of your blog to The Honest Gardener if you keep fessing up to all this.
    And darn, I was blaming frost for the sweet potatoe vine looking so awful in a container. Seriously though, it has been a very dry September and October (other than this past weekend).


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