I really want to check out this book (hint, hint, somebody send me a review copy). And this one too.

Do you follow the One Room Challenge? Calling it Home organizes the One Room Challenge and selects bloggers to participate. The challenge is to completely redo a room in six weeks and post about it once a week. To me this sounds incredibly daunting. That's a lot of pressure. I can barely get my house clean in six weeks much less renovate a room!

Have you gotten your garden ready for winter? I haven't, but I'm extending the season as long as I can. The Prudent Gardener has a nice reminder sheet so you don't forget any steps.

New House New Home photo
This is a great reminder. Remember to take a little time to enjoy the season. You'll thank me come January!

Have you watched The William Shatner Project on the DIY network? I have to say, I liked it way more than most celebrity-renovates-house-on-tv-to-pay-for-said-renovation shows.

It happens every year: As the leaves fall, my thoughts veer toward indoor projects and I have a basement reno on the brain. This one is way fancier than I'd ever need or want, but it's awfully pretty.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks, Erin. I'm looking forward to enjoying some amazing autumn weather this weekend again. Finally going to get some bulbs in the ground!!

  2. I looked at the Garden Style writer's blog and I thought it was confusing and not much seemed to be written by her. The book looks like it is more about garden stuff than gardening which I find less and less appealing. I will be interested to see what you think if you do get a copy.


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