Even though it's been a mild winter in Wisconsin, it's nice to get out of the gray scene for while. So we did!

Here are some of the colors I've been looking at this week.

Much prettier than Wisconsin right now, even if it was 60 degrees at home yesterday. We're in Maui on what is our first non-working vacation lasting longer than one weekend ever (and ever in this case covers 16 years). One of us is doing much better at the nonworking part than the other but the weather hasn't been great so generally Mr. Much More Patient has only been e-mailing when it's raining.

Anyway, I didn't bring a real camera but I'm trying to snap pics of every interesting plant I see. We are seeing a ton of whales but there's no way I'll get good pictures of them with the iPhone. That's OK, some photos are best taken with the mind and displayed in the album of your memory. I hope to fill that album up by the end of the weekend.