Happy New Year & some non-resolution resolutions

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I'm not a resolution maker. I don't think there's anything more depressing than setting yourself up for failure, which is what most resolutions do. I am, however, in favor of change for the better so here are a few things I'm hoping to change for the better in 2012.

1. Blog more. I'll never write a post every day. God, that would be a total bore. I don't ever want to write a post just because I have to. I strive to make posts here something that you want to read about. However, there are a lot of blog drafts sitting in a folder in my computer that never make it to all of you, and I'd like to do a better job on getting the worthy posts published.

2. Be a better blogger. This means doing a better job responding to comments and making comments on the hundreds of other blogs I follow.

3. Use my passport more. Because of my job and Mr. Much More Patient's job we have a unique opportunity to do a fair amount of traveling, but I can't tell you the number of times in 2011 that I've opted to stay home. Mostly it's because I'm lazy. It is a lot of work to get organized enough at work to be out of the office for a few days. It's even more work, accompanied by a fair amount of guilt, to leave the dogs for a few days. But the dogs love their sitters and so long as the best dog sitters in the world are available, they'll be just fine without me. Sometimes I opt not to go because I know that my travel partner will be busy working and it doesn't sound like much fun to travel on my own. I need to get over that. I don't have a lot of regrets (it is my most despised feeling), but most of those I do have are travel opportunities that I've passed up.

4. Bring lunch to work. Duh. I'm going broke and gaining weight by eating out all the time. It needs to stop.

And then there are all those typical ones about managing money, being healthier, etc., but why even bother writing those down? They are pretty much a given anyway, aren't they?

Are you a resolution maker? If so, what's yours?

Wishing you all a fun New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2012!

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  1. LOLing at your comment over at the blog. When I think of "The Bodyguard" I think of the sketchiest cruise ship in existence that my show choir performed on in 10th grade. No one spoke English except us, everyone got seasick except a handful of us, and the boat screened an edited PG version of "The Bodyguard" that I promise you was only 30 min. long because they had to cut so much out. It was an Epic Fail of a trip but we did not care because we were a bunch of teens in the Bahamas away from our parents!

    I don't usually make resolutions, but I have a few goals--some are totally materialistic, like buying a MacBook Pro, and some as I make every year, such as be more patient with the kids and give them my undivided attention, rather than try to multitask 12 different things. :D

    Happy New Year, Erin!!!


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