Christmas inspiration everywhere

It is so hard to blog when you're never home during daylight hours. These short days are such a bummer, especially because I'm not able to snap a few pictures when I get home.

Anyway, I have been working on a bit of Christmas decorating and have a bit more planned for the weekend (I didn't not get a lot of the outdoor decorating done last weekend like I planned because it poured all day Saturday). Whatever isn't done by the end of the weekend isn't getting done. Sometimes you just have to call it a day, you know?

So in the absence of photos from my own house, I thought I'd share a few inspirational holiday photos that I've been looking at lately. I think when you see what I've done at home you'll see that I was heavily influenced by some of these.

How's your decorating going?

Source: via Erin on Pinterest


  1. That last picture is too funny! We don't do too much outdoors — a wreath (which I redecorate from the way it comes from the Scouts) and a big lighted star on our second story. That was a present from my late father-in-law the first year we lived here. We always put it up because it makes an easy landmark in the dark for us to see our driveway and to tell visitors to look for. We are not doing as much indoors as last year; most of it in the living room where we swapped out some of the art for more wintry landscapes etc. Have to admit I love some of these over the top fireplace mantels with the baroque decorations.

  2. really love the last photo ... so funny. i do believe that car would be smushed completely in real life if this was to happen. to cute!! i love pinterest. (:


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