The Language of Flowers

It's funny how just a couple weeks ago when I shared what I've been listening to while I paint, sand, weed and drive, I mentioned that it would probably be my first and last post on books. And here we are again.

But I had to share this book that I just listened to. It's another one that goes in the category of books I wish I would have read instead of listened to, and I probably will read it in a few months (or at least when it comes out in soft cover).

It's called The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It's a lovely story about an orphan emancipated into adulthood and struggling to find her way in the world. The only thing she really cares about are flowers, and even more so, the meanings of flowers, a gift from the one caretaker she had in her entire childhood who actually cared about her. The book takes place both in the present tense and in the past, when she lived with her foster mother Elizabeth, who taught her all about the Victorian meaning of each flower.

The story is lovely, but it's especially interesting for gardeners, who may never look at a hydrangea again. I'll let you look it up for yourself in this flower dictionary on the book's website, but let's just say, if you care about such things it may not be the best choice for a bridal bouquet.

I found myself quite taken with the protagonist Victoria, and I love the idea of each bouquet of flowers sending a message to its recipient.

And now I'm off to study up on what flowers mean. I think today I could use a bouquet of ginger, sage and lupines. I think probably the worst bouquet a girl could get would be composed of yellow roses and tansies.


  1. I LOVED this book, Erin! I did a review of this about a month ago on my other site, Gardening by the Book and also posted it on Horticulture's website. I like your review and the hints at what you must read to learn the rest of the story. I can't wait to read more from the author. I think she's a really good writer!

  2. It's totally enchanting, isn't it? One of those really special books.


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