Easy art

Now that the house renovation is finished it's time to get some art on the walls. Because the budget is gone (and what little is left is going into the landscaping) it's time to get creative.

This might be one of the easiest art projects ever. Ever since I discovered Hudson Valley Seed Library's art seed packs, I knew they were too pretty to just sit in a drawer with the rest of the seeds. I've given several packs as gifts, but this year I ordered a selection of seeds solely for the art packs they came in (although I'm sure I'll use the seeds somewhere or give them away to someone who will).



Turning them into art was as simple as cutting a piece of textured watercolor paper to the size of the frame and using some spray adhesive to glue the opened seed pack to the paper. Then I stuck them in very inexpensive frames I picked up at Michael's with a coupon. Of course since I can't seem to leave well enough alone, I spray painted the black framed white.


What I love about this project, other than that it took about 30 minutes including the time to paint the frames, is that it could be perfect for a children's bedroom or playroom if you picked some of the more whimsical packs such as the super cute Fox Cherry Tomato or the Tiny Tim Tomato.

Fox cherry tomato

Tiny tim tomato2


Or if you're a proud New Yorker or you just love the city, how about the New Yorker Tomato? I could see this see pack looking very cool hanging in a mini display wall of scenes from New York or a collection of maps.

New yorker tomato

In fact, the hardest part of this project was choosing which art packs to frame and limiting myself to just three. I chose Stair Fair Zinnia, Spotted Trout Lettuce and Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry because I thought they worked best with the colors going on in the kitchen, but I also love Gift Zinnia, Good Bug Blooms and Rainbow Chard among so many others.


  1. How absolutely cool! I think doing seed packs that way makes it even more fun gardening!

  2. What a truly wonderful idea. We're just moving to a 5-acre farm and this will be perfect for decorating some empty walls.

  3. I have seen these on another blog and they are to die for! I now resolve to buy some and frame them up. Too cool. Your blog is great! I am your newest follower.

  4. @Ulrike: I absolutely agree! Given two seed packs, one that is cute and arty and one that is plain, I'll buy the cute one every day even if it's not going to hang on my wall.

    @My Edible Yard: How wonderful that you're moving to a farm. That will be super fun and yes, this is certainly a good way to fill some walls.

    @Jennifer: Thanks for the nice comments. I'm so glad you found the blog!


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