The flower that wouldn't be stopped

Four gorgeous flowers on this 'Red Peacock' amaryllis.

Zoom out a little and you see the bulb did this all on her own. It's still in the paper bag it came in!

For several years I've purchased amaryllis bulbs from the yahoo plant co-op I'm a member of, potted them up and given them away as holiday gifts. They are really wonderful because they are some unusual varieties that people can't get at a big box store. Unfortunately, the holidays were a bit of a fire drill this year. You might recall that we were mid-construction (well, mostly we were just irritated because we had planned on being finished in November but were no where close) and didn't even put up a Christmas tree and well, the box of amaryllis bulbs was forgotten in the basement.

A couple weeks ago I found it and was shocked to find a stem sticking out of the box. I brought the optimistic bulb upstairs and planned to plant it, where it was forgotten again. Well, this bulb was not happy about being forgotten and apparently was determined to shout, "Hey, look at me!"

So that's how I got this beautiful stalk of flowers, growing out of nothing but a paper bag.


  1. Well I think we're all a little guilty of not getting all our hippies planted. None of mine made it out of their paper bags this last year either. Glad you had determined one that put on it's show for you despite it's environment. They are gorgeous!

  2. Looks like we know who's even more impatient than you :P

  3. What a beautiful amaryllis bloom!

  4. If only were were all as persistent as this plant!

  5. That is quite a testiment to the power of survival;-)

  6. Looks more like ambiance than red peacock but i've discovered similar things in my cool garage... anaemic scapes poking out of bulbs i thought were dormant.


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