Construction update No. 5

I hope I'm not boring everyone with construction updates, but I promise to keep them to no more than a couple a week and only if there's something worth reporting.

Last week was full of lows and highs as far as the project went. On Monday they started ripping off the top of the house. By Wednesday they were building again, and by Friday we had half a roof. It was wonderful to be able to walk around in the space and get a rough idea of what it will be like. The best part was looking up at those tall ceilings and big windows, which we hope will give the feel of much more space than there really is.

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Anyway, let's just get to the pictures, shall we?

The east side was mostly closed in by the end of the week. The roof will continue along the front of the new part and should help break up that big expanse on the side.

This is the new master bedroom. The closet will be off to the right and the window in the gable end has been moved up. For some reason it ended up a little low.

Here's the front view.

Looking into the second bedroom. The windows on the far wall haven't been cut yet.

There's nothing like standing in your house and looking out over the rest of your roof. The complicated part of the project is tying the new roof in with the old. Also, you can see how saggy the existing roof is in this picture. They will rip out the living room ceiling and reinforce the underbuilt structure to hopefully straighten things out.

The Impatient Gardener better develop some patience to deal with this kind of yard destruction, don't you think? Those tracks are right through one of the gardens (the one I pulled the hosta out of).   


  1. This is so much fun to watch happen!

  2. Thanks for the update. I have been wondering how it was going. This is such a big undertaking; makes our remodeling seem like small potatoes.


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