This is probably a subject more suitable for the folks over at Garden Rant but it came up in the paper today and I couldn't believe it.

Seems the folks over in Shorewood (a well-to-do suburb of Milwaukee) are fining people for what they are putting in their front yards. No veggies allowed, they say. Now I completely understand the safey issues related to tall plantings in parkways (aka hellstrips ... that little piece of land between the road and the sidewalk), but let's be honest: Unless you live on a corner there is no safety issue.

I'm thankful not to live in a place where one's neighbors turn you in for growing corn, but I really can't imagine a more small-minded attitude. Has anyone personally been through something like this?


  1. No. I guess it is more of an asthetic issue maybe???

  2. I think there might be an issue with higher rates of pollution - for the gardener - with planting that strip. However, I think that the whole idea of making someone apply to a committee that never meets is ridiculous. And I also think it matters how deep that area is...

    Some cities have statues that any plantings over 6" will be fined - to keep landlords from not maintaining their properties.

  3. I haven't had any threats that someone could actually back up with legal actions. When I first moved into my house my neighbors invited me over for an impromptu drink only to side-swipe me with a list of demands - -including chopping down pretty much every tree in my yard. I told them that I appreciated their opinion, but it was just that - an opinion. And as long as I was paying for my mortgage and taxes, I would do what I saw fit. They judged me too much of an opponent to push that any further.

    My new neighbor, who shares a border with one of these neighbors, has had a few more serious issues. Those neighbors have actually mowed her median plantings saying that they didn't appreciate her weeds. And if she continued to try to plant things there, they would continue to mow them down!


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