My head has been all over the place this week. I still feel like I haven't gotten back in the swing of things after being gone (seriously, what is with that), and I haven't even unpacked my bags yet. So I'm looking forward to a weekend with some time in the garden to put me back on level footing.

I don't do marathon gardening sessions this time of year, in part because it's usually too hot for that. But it's also because, mentally at least, I sort of declare August (and we're close enough to call this August) the month to do all the summer things. I've not gotten out on the paddleboard yet, so that needs to happen. Swimming in the lake, laying in a hammock, having a beer in the middle of the afternoon and then taking a cat nap in the shade. These are all things that need to happen. But first I need to ground myself in the garden.

Oh, and I might just make it to the farmer's market Saturday morning for the first time this year too. It's time to savor summer. In the meantime, here's some of the great stuff I found on the internet this week!

Have a great weekend and let me know what you're up to on this great summer weekend.

I've always wondered what goes on behind the scenes at gardens on tours. Now I know all the secrets!

I always enjoy the Gardenista design awards (if only to take note of how far my garden has to come), but since I'm hoping to redo the veggie area in fall, I'm paying particular attention to the edible garden competition.

If you're growing dahlias you're probably starting to remember why as they leap into a blooming frenzy. Here's how to get more ... from cuttings!
Tanya Anderson/Lovely Greens photo
I'm not growing potatoes this year (hopefully there will be room for that after the veggie garden redo), but if you are, you need to know when to harvest them. Here's the lowdown.

Nick went to the Terrain store and I want to go too! It would not be good for my bank account though.


  1. Hi Pamela,
    I'm new to your blog and have been enjoying your posts. I too have tried dahlias again after giving up on them many years ago, after a single try, believing they were too much work. So far so good with the exception of beetles which have munched on some of the flowers. I wish there was a cure for them. Thanks,

  2. You stated perfectly how I feel about this time in the summer. It just goes to fast in my neck of the woods (Twin Cities, Minnesota) and I spend so much time in the gardens in May, June and July that I too feel like August is the time to do all the summer things I've missed out on. I have a new garden blog and I'd so love it if you pop over when you have a few minutes-

  3. We took a little vacation last week and now it looks like a bunch of rain again. I am hoping to garden in Sept. so I can do all the dividing and moving that it's been too hot or wet to do.


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