We've officially hit the height of Holy Crap There's a Lot to Do in the Garden season. I've been taking it chunk by chunk, trying to completely finish one area before starting on another. The problem with this plan, of course, is that the other areas of the garden farther down the list are turning into jungles while they wait for their turn.

Short of hiring help, which I talk about every year and then come up with 18 reasons why that won't work, there's nothing to be done about it other than to just plod on. It is frustrating because right now a good amount of time is spent tending annuals and other plants that have congregated in multiple areas of my yard while they await planting. And yet, I'm still on the fence about whether I want to plant containers this weekend. It's still quite cold at night here (often in the 40s), and that's not treatment that most annuals like. Right now I can cover them all at night, but once they are in containers, it's every plant for itself.

Anyway, there's no question what I'm doing this weekend. Gardening. I'll take a few breaks for some Memorial Day gatherings and a graduation party, but we're rapidly getting to the part where I wish all the big work in the garden were done and I could go into maintenance mode. Also ... why are there so  many weeds? It is infuriating.

There are moments of glory in the garden though and here's one. This spirea. I'm pretty sure it's Glow Girl and I'm very sure I planted it too close to another spirea, but holy smokes, that foliage is outstanding. A loose hedge of these would be phenomenal.

I feel like that rogue ostrich fern is photobombing this picture.

Speaking of containers, which I guess I was about four paragraphs ago, I planted my first one last weekend, just to do one because I couldn't wait any longer. And I made a video of it. Check it out here and stick around the mini blooper toward the end of it.

And now a few finds for this Friday:

It's Chelsea Flower Show time, so I've been checking out all the gardens. Honestly it's a bit of a let down from previous years, but apparently the Brexit vote came right around the time they were taking garden submissions and very few companies felt comfortable spending money sponsoring show gardens then. Anyway, this is my favorite of the bunch. I'm not at all a fan of the Best in Show garden, although I imagine it garnered major points for being such a huge undertaking.

I think my friend Linda's garden looks better in spring than any other time of the year. She has such interesting foliage plants that all the fresh green popping up is delightful. Do check out her blog to see the fabulous photos she's been posting lately.

If you're into fairy gardens, don't miss Lisa's adorable wheelbarrow garden. I had a wheelbarrow that meant a lot to me and when it rusted out and got wobbly we pitched it. I now wish I would have saved it for a mini garden/container. Woulda coulda shoulda.

A few weeks ago I did a cocktail hour stroll through the garden, completely with cocktail making, on a live Facebook broadcast. It got LONG (I'm a talker), but if you want to check it out here you go. I want to do more of these (but maybe as videos instead of live broadcasts) because I can't think of a better match than cocktails and gardens.

Well that's it for me. What are you up to this weekend? Anything OTHER than gardening? Or do you take these holiday weekends off from the garden?


  1. Raining again here. Ugh. The weeds ate crazy and I have tons of stuff waiting to get planted and nothing to do but look at the rain. Loved the cocktail movie. I worked retail in college, waitressed and bar tended in grad school. How are you making these movies? They are so cool.

  2. We have rain the forecast, but not for all weekend, so I will be working when we're not socializing. I'm hoping to get some weeding done. Just spent some time cutting back my mums...seems crazy that they were trying to bud already...and replanting some alliums that heaved. I think I'd better see if it is time to pinch the sedums. AND I need to decide what to do with a deliciously scented golden pineapple salvia that my friend got for me...will it go in a pot? By itself? Do I need to go look for companions for it?

  3. Your video is quite a hoot. I enjoyed seeing your garden from the bottom of a cocktail glass. My preferred drink is whiskey and sprite. I would definitely drink one of the drinks you made. Sounds yummy. I like finding another way to use the basil. That fern is definitely photo bombing your picture. They pop up all over the place the rascals. I am happy to see your climbing hydrangea going up a tree. I planted one by our Ash tree this spring. The Ash needs some decoration or possibly camouflage from the Ash borer beetle. Your garden doesn't look so weedy to me. I guess I am used to seeing weeds. It is difficult to focus on one plot at a time during spring. Everything is calling for attention. Thanks for the link love. Have a great weekend.

  4. Gardening this weekend. Planting my dahlias. Planting my flower boxes and a few containers. Will relax and cocktail in between!!! Lol.

  5. Oh how I identify with bits of the garden turning into jungles while they wait their turn. And then we get a night of rain and in the morning it's all shot up another three feet.


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