Even if I don't always get to them, I still love a good Friday Finds post.

First though, you will look at the very arty photo I took on a walk the other day. I believe I took this approximately five minutes before the dog got giant hogweed sap on his back which has led to a very ugly and painful reaction for him.

Quickly, a note about a home upgrade. We bought our TV (a skinny flat screen thing) about five years ago when the prices were finally starting to become realistic, but they still cost much more than they do now. The store had a deal for an included sound system for another $300 or something so we bought it. As you can imagine, that sound system was really lacking, and for years we've kicked around the idea of an upgrade.

I've had my eye on a wireless system because 1.) I can't stand wires everywhere and 2.) I wanted the ability to have a speaker that we could move around depending on what room we were in.

After years of researching these systems, we finally just bit the bullet on a Sonos playbar and an extra speaker. Sonos is sort of the industry leader in wireless speakers but they are also higher priced than some competitors. In the end though, we felt like it was the best option for us and for the last two days we have actually been able to hear the people on the TV talking without having to blare the sound and I've been enjoying music in the kitchen while I cook. I love that we can hook that other speaker into the television sound so I could hear the TV in the kitchen or outside (for football games) or I can listen to something completely different. And of course it's all run by an app on the phone. What isn't anymore?

So far we're really happy with it, but we better be after years of foot dragging. (I think if you click on that picture you get to an affiliate link.)

This pretty much sums up my feelings on roses (most of them anyway). Three cheers!

Emily Henderson bought a new house. I'm always happy when designers I like to follow buy new houses because I like seeing how their personal style changes from house to house.

Oh, I do love this toolbelt. I'm not sure I'm organized enough to pull that look off, but I aspire to be.

That's it for this week. I'm fully in summer appreciation mode so while there will be some gardening this weekend, it will be more of the lollygagging style and I will probably be holding a drink the whole time.

What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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  1. Love Elizabeth Licata's rant on roses and totally agree. I got a tool belt ((discontinued) that holds my felcos, my Japanese clippers and a pencil. I saw that gardenista belt and thought it looked too big and awkward. I can work with my belt on so I always have clippers at the ready and that's what you need to be able to do.


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