Everything is running a little late this Friday, so here are some very late-in-the day Friday Finds for you.

How to create real alpine plant trough (without killing the plants).

Drawing in perspective was always difficult for me. M.C. Escher I am not. But I like this tutorial on how to draw your garden in perspective because it starts with a little cheat: Working off a photograph.

I'm starving right now, and I also happen to love dessert and love rhubarb so you KNOW that Heather's rhubarb upside down cake is going on the Friday Find list.

Speaking of food, I love pizza. That's why you'll never catch me eating this. Would you?

And if you missed it (because I posted it at literally 2 a.m.), catch the finished product of our bathroom remodel, sans countertop, which has not been sorted.

Busy weekend ahead here. I feel like I'm behind in the garden and for the first time I think I'd actually really like to hire someone to help me with the more unsavory tasks. I got a lot of good comments about this on the Facebook page, so weigh in over there or leave a comment letting me know how you'd feel about hiring someone to help you in the garden.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Standing outside supervising Barbie with my first glass of wine while my chickens brown in the oven. My reaction to the pizzatrocity: "give me a fucking break" and made it disappear as quickly as possible from my screen. There are a lot of upsetting things on the Internet and that ranks very high. I had just gotten over the kale pesto

  2. There is absolutely no way I would make pizza with a cauliflower crust! Sacrilege!
    Thanks for featuring my rhubarb cake - hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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