This is going to be so darn cool.

I have never even heard of a meal planning system, but I'm pretty sure our current method of a 4 p.m. phone call every day with a cranky conversation about what we don't want to eat and who is going to go to the store can be improved upon.

Deborah Silver did a little roundup of great Narcissus varieties. I have done nothing about bulbs yet this year, but this post is lighting the appropriate fire under my butt.
The Prudent Gardener image

I'm still in denial about fall and certainly what comes after it, but fortunately Debbie over at the Prudent Gardener isn't. She's put together an excellent round up of winter gardening tips that are worth checking out with a hot toddy in hand.

I'm a pretty good baker (or so the people who eat what I bake tell me), but this free course is interesting to me. I will say though, I don't think there is any reason to make your own puff pastry. Life is too short. My baking goal for the winter is to master bread pudding (particularly the recipe for Poogan's Porch bread pudding that I fell in love with in Charleston).

Kylee is giving away some cool Ball jars!


  1. We love Poogan's Porch. Have you tried the peanut butter pie? I have the recipe and would be happy to share. I will definitely try the bread pudding recipe.

  2. I've done nothing about bulbs either. In fact, I need to take my own advice and look at some photos to see what there was last spring. But narcissus will definitely be on the list!

  3. I'm late in thanking you, but THANK YOU for sharing my giveaway, Erin!


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