Did you follow the Gardenista design awards at all? I hate to say it, but I wasn't blown away by them this year, at least from a gardening standpoint. But this yard is downright cool. In fact, I'm sure I'm not cool enough to hang out in a place like that, but someone very cool is hanging there.
The Prudent Garden photo

I wish I could grow figs. I'm not even sure I like figs, but I'd like to grow them. If you live somewhere warmer (probably at least zone 7), give them a try and report back! But first check out The Prudent Garden's great tips.

Do you have luck finding stuff on Craigslist? I gave up because I never saw anything interesting, but I always enjoy when Emily Henderson does virtual shopping trips on Craigslist. I never find stuff like this.

A few people asked me for tips on growing sweet peas and since this was the first year I've grown them, I didn't have a lot of advice other than to repeat what I did. Tanya did a good post on it here.

I love a good peek into someone's garden, and Angie's is looking amazing.

Don't forget to enter to win a set of Troy-Bilt garden tools!

Have a great weekend everyone! What's your plan?


  1. Thanks for the share Erin! And you're so right about that's so cool that it's cold. I'd rather hang out in my weedy veg patch any day ;)

  2. I've been dying to try a fig tree too. One of my friends here in town has one that she babies to get it to produce - it's right up against the house facing south - so it gets sun and warmth from the house. I think she even takes it inside in the winter. I'm never very good at the whole overwintering thing. If it can't survive a Canadian winter, I don't want it. Went back and entered the contest - thanks for the opportunity.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hey Erin,
    Thank you so much for featuring me in your Friday Finds! I can't believe it's almost September. Time to get the fall garden up and running! I'm so glad I have my camera to capture the fleeting images of summer. They definitely don't last that long, so it's a must to enjoy them before they are gone. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. I have good luck with Craigslist, but it's so hit or miss. I have a few things I search often and usually pull no results. But when you score, you really score. Always the same situation with the scores--family selling a relative's stuff and just ready to be done. I'm going to get a set of china I found on Craigslist on Monday. $60 for a 79 piece set. One dinner plate in this pattern sells for $30 on replacements!
    Also, my laurentia started blooming again this week with the cool nights. It must be more like lobelia than I was led to believe.

  5. Have you heard of the chicago hardy fig tree? Its supposedly hardy to zone 5:

  6. That is one of the few Gardenista winners I liked. Simple but sophisticated. But I would not need all that seating area so I kept yrying to decide how to use that space.

  7. I think my favorite is the pruner. I have 1 fig tree growing this year it had 1 fig. It was awesome. --mm--


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