I am such a sucker for a workout fad. I didn't even finish this article before I ordered the foam roller. What can I say, she had me at "taller and thinner." I've been doing it for almost a week and it's definitely helping with my neck pain (I get that tense neck thing so many women tend to get).

I'm telling you, everything Loi touches is amazing. Check out this basement "man room" and be prepared to be envious.

I'm trying hard to balance the urge to STOP THE MADNESS that has made Christmas creep into early November but also not end up rushing around like a mad woman so I don't even get to enjoy the holidays. So I'm trying to gather Christmas decorating inspiration so I have a plan when it comes time to decorate. These containers are really fun and different from what I've done in recent years.

Yep, I need a cocktail tower.

Lemon and Rosemary Drizzle cake. Um ... yum!

It seems like a lot of bloggers have been having babies lately and as I do not have that in common with them I generally just ignore baby posts. But this might be the cutest baby ever.

That's it, gang. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Perhaps we'll get a little farther on the garage pergola this weekend (there's now a bandsaw involved).


  1. I love those pots. Do you have any ideas where to find birch sticks like that?

    1. I've seen them at the garden center/craft store place by us, but they seem to be more and more popular so I'm thinking maybe they'll be easier to find at places that sell branches, etc.

  2. We used foam rollers in yoga and they are the best thing ever! Those pots are gorgeous. I have been looking for inspiration too -- I am thinking I "might" decorate next weekend because Thanksgiving weekend we will be traveling for part of the weekend and adding in decorating to that makes my eye twitch. But no outside decor until after Turkey Day, I promise.

  3. Obviously no need to worry about basement dampness in that remodel. And then you think about their two great houses. Love the cocktail tower! Our tea house is fun but not quite the same

  4. That cocktail tower is a definite must-have -- and I certainly drink enough of them to justify having one :-) Thanks for the fun links! -Beth

  5. It will be cold working outside building this weekend. I'm staying inside and painting a stone floor - don't ask.


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