A couple weeks ago I wrote about preserving the parsley harvest, but what do you think about nasturtium pesto?

If you've been reading this blog for more than a year, you know that at some point when temperatures start dropping, my thoughts start veering toward inside projects, so don't be surprised that lots of inside DIY/decorating type posts are on the horizon!

I love beautiful bookcases, particularly when they aren't overstyled for photos (books turned backwards irritates the heck out of me). This looks like it's just a hallway/balcony but it's such an amazing use of space. And that peek of shiplap on the right has me swooning (yes I'm on the shiplap bandwagon and yes, odds are you'll see some in my house before too long).

Would you believe that is a vinyl floor? Genius.

I saw this recipe for caramel-pecan fudge tartlets in the King Arthur flour catalog and my mouth pretty much started watering immediately.

It might be very fun to give growing persimmons a try.

I keep thinking I should grow garlic, but I'm reluctant to give up the space in the garden.

Happy Halloween everyone! I don't really do much (or, um, anything) for Halloween but I like it if only because it holds off the Christmas music a little longer. I have to say, I'm dreading the Christmas switch that will be flipped tomorrow. I think that the extension of Christmas into a two-month long build-up really takes away from the keeping the holiday special.

Hmm ... somehow I just turned this post into a downer. Click on that Halloween link for a smile.


  1. britt ( 31, 2014 at 11:24 AM

    garlic out of my garden was amazing and always made me feel real old school. Plant a bunch the first year save a couple of the biggest heads every year. It was amazing.

  2. I have some experience with the persimmons. Don't do it. The plant is very invasive if the main plant ever dies. The last house I owned had a persimmon tree in the yard that died during a rainstorm, and I fought the many tree shoots it tried to send up for the next 3 years I owned the house, despite the stump being completely gone. It would send up a tree shoot about 3 times a week, anywhere an everywhere that the roots had spread to. I may have some PTSD from the experience. :)

  3. Hello, Erin! I've been reading your blog this past week and enjoying it very much. Your former blue front door has been in my Houzz ideabook for some time. Your house and garden are every bit as lovely and alluring as the snowy and inviting photo suggests. I love that you take risks while keeping a crisp and bright aesthetic. You and I share a mutual love/obsession with both Deborah Silver and Sarah Richardson. I was so glad to get your tips on SR viewing in the US! What the hell is wrong with HGTV US?? We get the godd**n property brothers instead. My mom's dream is that I marry Tommy. I look forward to reading more! Thanks for recording all your hard work in this blog.

  4. Still have some garden clean-up left to do but I've already begun indoor stuff: rearranging the red room, going through closets, thinking about repainting the living room . . .

  5. Erin, garlic takes up almost no room. I'm sure you can find room for it! I've grown 'Music' hardneck garlic several years and it's fun, if nothing else. The scapes are quirky and you can eat those too!

  6. Give up a row to the garlic, it's so easy and so good. You'll be glad you did!~Lynne


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