Feature Friday: A gorgeous potager

Boy, do I have gardening on the brain lately. March is such a cruel month because everything tells us it should be spring but for so many of us it is still very much winter. The garden design series I did a couple weeks ago was fun so why not continue the theme with some more looks at great gardens.

Potager garden
Brooke Giannetti photo. All photos used with permission.

This fabulous potager garden was designed by Brooke and Steve Giannetti, who apparently are masters of everything related to design.

Beautiful fenced-in vegetable garden

It appeals to the sense of order I like in vegetable gardens, but what really has me over the moon is that fence. It is so perfect in every way, right down to the finish (Super Deck "Weathered Wood" stain).

The fact that they have espalier apple trees growing on it, only makes me love that fence that much more.

If this were my garden I would change a couple things. Because I'm constantly clamoring for more space to plant, I would either make the raised beds bigger or add more. Also, with a space this beautiful, I think I would actually turn it into an entertaining space. Can't you just imagine a rustic table and chairs plunked in the middle where you'd serve a great dinner? OK, maybe that's not the most practical pipe dream, but I can assure you, I'd be having cocktails out there.

I think I love the "back door" entrance even more than the front. Those stairs are so charming (but of course you need the level entrance in the front to get a wheelbarrow in there) and I love how the rose climbs around the corner.

Entrance to potager garden with climbing rose

Yes, I could live with this garden.

Read all about the design process and see more pictures over on Brooke's blog. Don't miss a peek at her mind-blowingly fabulous house while you're there too.


  1. Stunning! But then again. They had me with the pea gravel. I'm a sucker for pea gravel!!!

    1. I love the look of pea gravel but it's so hard to walk on. I'm favoring more angular gravel for paths, although that pretty much means you won't be walking through the garden barefoot.

  2. I'm with you: Let's party out there! And we are always building in wheel barrow paths. Love their blog; thanks for the intro. I am also going crazy wanting to garden and spring is still so far away!

    1. Spring can't some soon enough. Right about now I can't think of anything finer than a great glass of wine in the middle of that potager after a long day of gardening.


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