Food for the winter-weary soul

When all else fails, at least there is this:

It may be short in stature and damn near buried in an uncleaned garden bed, but the sight of this little hellebore (I don't know which one it is, unfortunately) did wonders for my soul this week.

The weatherman tells us it will actually feel like spring here and I can't wait to spend a good part of the weekend in the garden. I hope you will enjoy a great weekend in the garden too!


  1. I was elated to see my red trillium about to bloom yesterday - thought I had lost it!! it's going to be in the high 60's today, so I'm heading out!!

  2. So pretty! These little sightings are good for the soul! This never-ending winter is starting to wear me down. I saw a huge grouping of Lenten Roses (think dozens of plants) in Arlington National Cemetery last year that were in full bloom in March, and it was quite the sight. I'd love to try to grow some.

  3. It was 87, sunny and windy yesterday and the Hellebores were drooping. One was almost flat on the ground but they seem OK today. I want Spring not Summer.


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