The slowest Christmas decorator ever

Oh sure, I know the whole world has their houses all done up for Christmas and you probably thought you were going to see some Christmas decorations in mine one of these days. Well, let's just say it is a very slow process, although one that I'm still enjoying. We aren't hosting any parties (that I'm aware of anyway) so there's no real hurry. I can do whatever I want when I want.

Just today I *think* I decided to forego the garland on the pergola that I loved so much last year, only because it's one more thing to do and probably another $50 or so in decorations. We'll see.

But here's a sneak peek at a bit of the process that is being made. I don't usually have a "theme" for my decorating but I seem to be heading in a very traditional direction this year. It surprises even me.

owl in the wreath

magnolia leaves, berries, pine cone wreath



  1. Love the owl peeking out from the wreath. I used some magnolia in my wreath too and lightened it up with a bit of "snow".

    Hey, you still have almost two weeks so don't panic. It will get done when it gets done, my friend.

  2. I have the treeup (after sitting two weeks outside) and the lights on , but n decorations yet so no, you are not the last, lol.


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