Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I  t's rather shocking that it's February and I actually have something for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, held on the 15th of the month by Carol at May Dream Gardens.

I guess getting a late start on the amaryllis bulbs paid off in at least one respect. (To see the other amaryllis I kept, which showed off a couple weeks ago, click here.)

This beautiful pink bloom is so big it's threatening to keel over, but I love that it's just as pretty on the back as it is on the front.


  1. I like the back better, but that is sure one monster flower!

  2. Lovely color and a great way to wait for spring.

  3. Oooh, how pretty! Love the angle at which you took the photo.

  4. My Amaryllis just bloomed too! While I love holiday decorating with Amaryllis, I think I value the blooms more in the late winter months when it seems like spring is taking it's sweet time.


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